Infantry By Day
This is a start

I’ve always wanted to write my life down. I expect this would be one of the easier ways. This might help me cope with whatever it is I feel from this point on.

  My name is J, we’ll get to that later I’m sure. I’m a soldier in the United States Army Infantry. I’ve deployed to Afghanistan and have served time in Korea. I could tell you all so much of my time in the Army, which I’m sure I will but for now we’ll take things slower.

I’m doing this to get some kind of closure I guess, or maybe I just need to put what I feel or experience into words. Think of this as kind of a therapy for me in the way that I’m not keeping everything inside. I’ve had an especially hard year as I’ve returned from a war only to find myself back on the front lines of life. I just want to feel the way I used to feel, to be who I was before. 

  Now before this gets to dark, I do want to say that my life is full of happiness at times. I am not in the worst I’ve been throughout this crazy shit I’ve called life. It’s just that war can change someone. I didn’t think it would happen to me until I got back and spent some time adjusting to regular life. No more IED’s, being shot at constantly, knowing your life is in the hands of someone you don’t trust and also not knowing if you’ll come back to what you left. I would like to say that I’m getting better and I’m happier more often. But this has not been without certain challenges of course. 

So I leave this as my first post. Every day I will write a story or anecdote about my life for those interested or just looking for advice in the same situation. I will write regardless of up’s or down’s. I will write funny and sad. Those who read this will know me deeper then most in my life that I have yet to confide in. This will be the key to the door that holds who I was locked up so that I may return.