Infantry By Day
A case of the “I don’t know’s”….

  Let me start this off by saying that I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I give out second chances to most people regardless of their rank because “everybody gets one” right? I want to see the good in someone and I want to believe in what they say. I guess I’m an optimist, even with what I’ve experienced.


That being said; today whilst guarding the Ammo Handling Area (self explanatory) my relief arrived. As I was getting everything in order so that the change over could be done quickly we found that a magazine full of ammo was missing. This is kind of a big deal. Well…..long story short a previous guard had forgotten he had it on him and had left. 

  This is called the I don’t knows. It’s very common among privates and is usually followed by the person who is asking rank. It drives me crazy, I want to do horrible things to the soldiers who just throw this answer out there without even thinking about it. I’m pretty good at letting something slide but when they do this I flip. Not that I’m angry very often, it’s just that please at least give me an answer you thought of for more then five seconds.

  I’m just happy my life is here back in the states. I wont be going to a foreign country for a while and feel better already.